Purification Process


Hema Beverage is a company in Uganda that sells bottled water with its promise of goodness and trust. We perform rigorous 144 tests to check the quality and ensure every drop is safe, pure, and hygienic to the core. We maintain a strict quality code regarding purification that matches international standards. State-of-the-art laboratories fulfill all methods scientifically.
Best in the Industry

9 Step Water Purification Process

We maintain a strict quality code regarding purification that matches international standards. State-of-the-art laboratories fulfill all methods scientifically.
Best in the Industry

144 Quality Tests

We ensure that you get the same quality every time you open the sealed water bottle. Our bottled water is subjected to 144 quality tests, thus, providing you with pure and healthy drinking water. The scientifically advanced testing system allows us to offer the best quality and maintain goodwill for more than 15 years.

Source water testing

Source water from the borehole is tested regularly at our internal laboratory, hence, ensuring no change in odor, taste, and color. It also makes sure there is no unwanted suspended matter. These tests also check the total hardness, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride. Tests are conducted at an external lab once in six months to detect the presence of heavy metals.

Sand Filter testing

This testing ensures that our bottled water does not have microbiological and physicochemical issues whatsoever. Our internal lab with modern equipment conducts four daily tests for any physical changes and a twice-a-month check for unwanted microbes like E. Coli, TPC, and Total Coliforms.

Activated Carbon Filter Test

The experts of our internal lab run this test regularly to ensure that there is no microbiological contamination like E. Coli and TPC. Moreover, it also ensures the absence of Total Coliforms or physicochemical elements present in the product. We promise to provide you with the pure and best quality drinking water to quench your thirst.

Buffer Tank Test

We carry out this buffer tank test to maintain the taste of our bottled water. There are seven total tests done, including four daily ones. Apart from that, three others are done twice a month. Our technologically advanced internal lab looks into the pH balance, hardness, water conductivity while confirming the absence of unwanted microbiological substances.

Reverse Osmosis+Nanofiltration Test

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration tests are also essential to make sure the water is safe for drinking. Moreover, we also ensure that there is no change in the appearance, odor, color of the product. Therefore, our internal lab does three of these tests daily, done twice a month to ensure the absence of TPC, total Coliforms, and E. Coli.

UV Treatment

We test our water several times before the complete packaging to offer you the healthiest and best product. The UV Treatment test is conducted twice a month. It helps determine any unwanted microbiological presence in the package like TPC, Total Coliforms, and E. Coli.

Product Storage Tank Test

Testing the water from the product storage tank is essential. It ensures the complete absence of harmful microbes in it. Three tests are done twice monthly for checking the presence of TPC, Total Coliforms, and E. Coli.

Ozone Tank Test

The ozone tank test includes two folds. One of the tests checks the hourly ozone concentration. The microbiological ozone tank test is done twice monthly. Thus, checking the microbiological contaminants present in the water. This test checks if the water has any sign of TPC, Total Coliforms, and E. Coli.

Testing of Finished Bottled Product

Testing the finished product is one of the most significant parts, and hence the checking of our products is done at multiple levels. There is a visual inspection of the packaged water for proper labeling, capping, and batch code. For better results, we opt for quarterly physiochemical and microbiological tests. Apart from daily checks.


The checking of preforms is done in two ways: the visual inspection is done every two hours for spotting any issues with color, odor, air bubbles, dents, shrinkage, damages, and more. We check for physical features twice a day. Therefore, determining issues with thickness, length, and diameters.


Twice, we carry out cap tests to check for physical changes, like thickness, weight, height, and more. We conduct this test twice a day regularly. The cap tests are also conducted every two hours for checking for color, odor, dents, shrinkage, and other things.

Blown Bottles testing

The blown bottles testing includes six tests, in total, to check physical and weight distribution. It is done at a frequency of every six hours to look into the features like weight, height, weight distribution, and more. These tests ensure the best quality packaged drinking water for our consumers.

Trade samples testing

It is the final testing stage, and it is significant to know the quality of the distributed products. The marketed water is double-checked in different places for ensuring health and safety. There are thirteen physiochemical tests done monthly to determine any change in odor, appearance, color, taste, conductivity, turbidity, pH, hardness, and more. The samples are also tested for microbiological contamination monthly to spot Total Coliforms, E. Coli, TPC, and others.

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