Hema Beverage is a company in Uganda that sells bottled water with its promise of goodness and trust. We perform rigorous 144 tests to check the quality and ensure every drop is safe, pure, and hygienic to the core. We maintain a strict quality code regarding purification that matches international standards. State-of-the-art laboratories fulfill all methods scientifically.
Our Product

Natural Mineral Water

Hygiene and quality are what makes us stand apart. We have three different SKUs.

Hema Packaged Drinking Water

500 ML

Hema Packaged Drinking Water

650 ML

Hema Packaged Drinking Water

1.5 L

I've been drinking Hema water for years, and I've never been disappointed. It's always fresh and delicious, and I know it's good for me.

Alfred N

I love Hema water! It's so refreshing and clean, and it's the perfect way to stay hydrated on a hot day.

Sarah J

Hema water is a great choice for anyone who wants to stay hydrated and healthy. It's affordable, convenient, and it tastes great. I highly recommend it!

Mary A. Entebbe

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    We empower and inspire people. Leadership is all about encouraging people. We acknowledge continual innovations and improvements and believe that financing in design is a long-term obligation to ensure continual improvement. Our key factor is to revolutionize the value chain in our business.

    We Follow Highest Safety Standards

    We ensure that you get the same quality every time you open the sealed water bottle. Our bottled water is subjected to 144 quality tests, thus, providing you with pure and healthy drinking water. The scientifically advanced testing system allows us to offer the best quality and maintain goodwill for more than 15 years.

    9 Step Water Purification Process

    144 Quality Tests 9

    UNBS and ISO 9001:2015 certified

    Highest level of quality & safety